BRC, Food Safety Report

25 August 2015

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is all about the measurement, review and assessment of the factors that influence food safety. It provides a robust framework to help manufacturers produce safe food, manage product quality and meet customers’ needs and expectations.
At the heart of the programme is a commitment to share best practice to help improve food safety, with data made available to provide a consistent global picture of manufacturing performance. And BRC is in a unique position to achieve this – with the richest data among its competitors and the widest audit base by regional spread, the Global Standard provides unprecedented depth of insight for the industry. Through its international reach and rigorous auditing process, the Standard is both a benchmark for suppliers and a beacon of quality and trust. In fact, international retailers and food service companies are increasingly looking for BRC certification when assessing suppliers’ credentials and capabilities.

Global view, sector insight

Each year, BRC collects a vast amount of data and information during the Global Food Safety Standards audits. In 2014, 17,113 sites in 120 countries were assessed and analysed to identify vital trends and developments. This year, we adopted a new approach to the Global Standard, categorising the data by food group rather than by country. It is the first time such an analysis has been conducted, and to such magnitude.
This means that suppliers and retailers will now be able to benchmark sector performance on a global scale, accessing richer information on the specific trends and performance levels within their particular food and drink categories. Using material collated and assessed in the first half of 2014, this report sets out key findings and analysis, providing a global view of food safety information and performance data across all 18 of our food categories – from bakery goods to raw red meat. The report also brings to light local trends within these categories, mapping areas of strength and weakness, and showcasing growth markets. In this way, it highlights important learnings on food safety issues that affect manufacturers, retailers and consumers the world over.


To compile this report we analysed results from 17,113 food manufacturing sites across the world, with our core data broken down into food and drink categories. We then looked at nonconformities individually and in groupings and also isolated ABC grades and anomalous regional performance. With a total of more than 270 clauses, we analysed performance across 18 categories. Our aim in conducting this research was to highlight commonalities, pinpoint areas of strength and weakness, share best practice, identify challenges and suggest next steps.
The Global Standards Directory was our source of information. It is worth noting that, like any piece of research, this report provides a snapshot in time. Audits were undertaken at BRC-certified sites and results are therefore not necessarily reflective of the total food manufacturing base in that sector or country.

Download Food Safety A global view 2015

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