FSSC 22000 Delivers 10,000th Certificate

The publication five years ago


FSSC 22000 announces that it delivers its 10,000th certificate today. A significant milestone since the publication of the FSSC 22000 certification scheme five years ago.  
Fons Schmid, Chairman of the Board of Stakeholders, FSSC 22000: ”We owe this success to the great efforts of our Board of Stakeholders, the critical but always positive input from our contracted certification bodies and the hard work and dedication of our small but highly efficient staff.”  
Beate Kettlitz, Director Food Policy, Science and R&D, FoodDrinkEurope: “FSSC 22000 ensures consumer trust in the supply of safe food and drink. According its members, certification against FSSC 22000 reduces information asymmetries in supply chains, thereby generating a uniformly high and globally understood standard of food processing and production.”
Kevin McKinley, Deputy Secretary-General, ISO: “The FSSC 22000 scheme is based on the use of ISO standards. FSSC’s implementation of ISO food safety management standards (the ISO 22000 series) and conformity assessment standards (e.g., ISO/IEC 17021) bring coherence and efficiency through recognized, global approaches to food safety management. In addition, many companies use ISO 22000 in conjunction with ISO’s quality management system standard ISO 9001, and we’re pleased that FSSC 2200 has introduced its own voluntary module for the certification of food quality management systems combined with ISO 9001.”

Frank Yiannas, Vice President Food Safety, Walmart: "I would like to congratulate FSSC on this significant achievement and thank them for what they're doing to help make food safety the social norm in the food industry. Operating as a GFSI benchmarked scheme and in a manner consistent with the 'once certified, accepted everywhere' principle, FSSC 22000 provides a very effective framework for effectively managing your food safety and quality responsibilities. It demonstrates that a company has a robust and effective food safety management system in place to meet requirements of regulators, customers and consumers."

Mark Overland, Director, Global Certification, Cargill, Incorporated: “FSSC 22000 stands for alignment, integration and a robust food safety Management System. This results in a non-prescriptive management system around which Cargill has designed an effective food safety system in order to make sure that the management system complies with specific ISO based international consensus on standards for food safety, aligning well with regulatory and industry requirements and customer quality requirements. Cargill is delighted with the growth of recognition of FSSC 22000 as the FSMS for the entire supply chain.”

Olivier Robin, Head of Quality Compliance, Nestlé CO-QM: “Our commitment is to never compromise on the safety, compliance and quality of our products and services because these elements drive consumer & customer trust. To contribute to this trust Nestlé adopted for our manufacturing sites the FSSC 22000 scheme. This scheme, which is externally certified by independent third party certification bodies, was selected because it is derived from the ISO 22000 Standard. It is one the schemes recognized by GFSI”

Hugo Byrnes, Vice President Product Integrity, Royal Ahold: “FSSC 22000 was developed to make ISO 22000 accessible as a GFSI benchmarked certification scheme and to meet the requirements of the GFSI Guidance Document. FSSC 22000 is the only ISO based FSMS Certification Scheme that is recognized by GFSI and therefore offers a unique approach to FSMS. This might be one of the biggest reasons for the tremendous growth of FSSC 22000, the trust in FSSC 22000 as the FSMS.”
Marcus Long, Chief Executive, IIOC: “Competence is the keystone for system credibility and integrity is the most important condition to ensure confidence in certification. The auditor’s job is to demonstrate that a Food Safety System is in place, consistent, effective and compliant. Therefore IIOC is proud to be a member of the Board of Stakeholders, for its members to deliver certification to the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System and to be part of the growing success of FSSC 22000 by continuously making sure that the integrity and the quality of the audit are secured.”
FSSC 22000 is dedicated  to continue contributing to ensuring consumer trust in the supply of safe food and drink. We take the opportunity to thank all our stakeholders for their ongoing trust and support. FSSC 22000 congratulates Recuerdos Doña Aracelly R. A., S. A., Limón, Costa Rica, as the 10.000th company achieving FSSC 22000 certification, which was based on the audit results of  the FSSC 22000 contracted certification body LSQA.
About FSSC 22000

FSSC 22000 is the fastest growing ISO based food safety certification scheme. Governed by a nonprofit, independent foundation, FSSC 22000 is a food safety management system which is used to provide a framework for effectively managing an organization's food safety responsibilities. With 10,000 certificates worldwide, and fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), FSSC 22000 provides a flexible, risk-based global approach to drive continual improvement in food safety management and provide confidence across the supply chain and in both the public and private sector. (Source: fssc22000.com)