GLOBALG.A.P. receives IAF endorsement

International Accreditation Forum


The GLOBALG.A.P.  Integrated Farm Assurance certification scheme is the first product certification scheme ever to have achieved official endorsement by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

This means more consistency and integrity for GLOBALG.A.P. certificates issued as part of the Integrated Farm Assurance scheme around the world.

GLOBALG.A.P. is only working with those Accreditation Bodies that are in the IAF MLA for product certification. Presently we have 35 ABs that are recognised by GLOBALG.A.P.  that are likely to extend their scope of the IAF MLA to include the GLOBALG.A.P.  Integrated Farm Assurance scheme.

The IAF MLA delivers the confidence needed for market acceptance of conformity assessment outcomes. An attestation/certification issued, within the scope of the IAF MLA, by a body that is accredited by an IAF MLA signatory ensures Accreditation Bodies can be recognized worldwide, thereby facilitating international trade.

What does this mean to GLOBALG.A.P.?

From now on, the peer evaluation process will take into account not only generic product certification requirements, but also the specific GLOBALG.A.P. normative documents that are now endorsed by the IAF.

This creates an additional layer of assurance that those Accreditation Bodies - accrediting the GLOBALG.A.P. approved Certification Bodies - are competent and knowledgeable about GLOBALG.A.P.

Kristian Moeller, Director GLOBALG.A.P. , said: “This fantastic achievement is a result of the on-going close consultations and excellent relations between the IAF, its members and GLOBALG.A.P. for more than a decade. It is a milestone in international harmonization, and on behalf of all our stakeholders, I want to thank every expert involved in this endeavour!”

Randy Dougherty, IAF Chair, said: “The decision by IAF members to endorse the GLOBALG.A.P. scheme is the first step in establishing the IAF MLA for GLOBALG.A.P.  and I am confident we can build upon the prior MOU to expedite the IAF MLA.” (Taken from: