IFS Food version 8

Public Consultation until 24/05


IFS Food version 8

IFS is on its way to IFS Food version 8. The review of the current version 7 became necessary due to recent developments in the market. Working on the new version, we have also considered the feedback and findings from IFS Food 7.

In the version 8 draft, IFS has:
  • incorporated the new Codex Alimentarius and the upcoming ISO 22003-2 for product and process standards,
  • reassigned some criteria to follow the audit trail even more closely,
  • revised the scorings system, especially the B scoring,
  • clarified the unannounced rule, especially in case of a failed audit,
  • provided a solution for the reporting of the compulsory fields,
  • improved the consistency and preciseness in the wording and clarifications of the checklist, and
  • proposed an adaption of the certification process regarding providing an action plan and preliminary scoring instead of the preliminary report.
We kindly invite you to participate in the public consultation of the IFS Food version 8 draft. It is an essential step in the review process. Your feedback will ensure that it will meet the current needs and expectations in the market.

In this consultation, you can comment on the different parts of the standard. Please consider that the final date to provide your feedback is 24/05 (midnight CEST).

To participate, download the IFS Food version 8 draft here and the survey here.