IFS Logistics Achieves GFSI Benchmark

Storage & Distribution Standard the First to Achieve Global Recognition


IFS Logistics, a global leading certification scheme for transportation, storage and distribution of food and non-food products, has officially achieved benchmarking to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Managed by IFS Management GmbH, the IFS Logistics standard was the first global scheme to be submitted for benchmarking against the new GFSI requirements, and the first global scheme to earn the benchmark - a set of challenging requirements developed by a group of global stakeholders with interest in storage and distribution activities.

IFS Logistics is the world’s leading standard for transportation, storage and distribution certification with more than 1,000 facilities and organizations certified around the globe. It is also the fastest growing certification for the sector in North America, and is already widely used throughout Europe.

“We are very proud to have achieved the globally recognized GFSI benchmark for IFS Logistics in a very speedy timeframe,” said Stephan Tromp, IFS Managing Director. “This shows that IFS Logistics is not only the leading standard for food logistic activities around the world, but that the IFS organization is capable of producing and managing world class standards that help companies achieve success with their safety and quality programs.”

Since January, 2012, US Foods - one of the USA’s largest foodservice providers - has implemented IFS Logistics to meet their customer and regulatory needs. The results they have acquired and their feedback are documented in the Case Study available on the IFS Website at www.ifs-certification.com. The Case Study was developed by The Acheson Group, led by Dr. David Acheson, former FDA Associate Commissioner for Foods.

IFS Logistics joins IFS Food and IFS PACsecure as GFSI benchmarked schemes. (Source: www.ifs-certification.com)