New IFS Food 6

April 2014


The IFS Food 6, April 2014 is now available on the IFS website, in English, French, German and Italian language.

This updated version is not a new version, but a consolidated version including all requirements and clarifications provided by IFS since publication of IFS Food 6 (e.g. including doctrine references, erratum, newsletters, etc.). In this document, all modifications are visible with the references “modified”, “deleted” and “added”.

This updated version is applicable at latest on 1st July 2014.
In parallel, an IFS doctrine version 3 is also published, as some rules of doctrine version 2 needed to be either withdrawn or deleted. Again, this doctrine doesn’t provide new requirements but updates the previous ones and cancels the no longer valid ones. 

Main topics which have been addressed in the IFS Food 6, April 2014 are:
  • Update of some requirements (incl. certificate template), due to the switch from EN 45011/ ISO IEC Guide 65 to ISO IEC 17065 accreditation norm
  • Update of Annex 1, Part 1 about demarcation of the IFS Standards, including IFS PACsecure and new IFS Logistics version 2.1 specificities
  • Cancellation of chapter 4.4.2, as trade products shall no longer be included in the scope of an IFS Food audit
  • Update of requirements 4.4.5 and 5.6. about food integrity
  • Introduction of updated requirements on management of outsourced processes
  • Clarification of management of product(s) exclusion from the IFS Food audit scope (only in exceptional situations, exclusions may be possible and in this case, the certification bodies shall fill in a questionnaire - available on IFS website - in order to determine if the exclusion is possible)
  • Update of Integrity Program chapter, including new Annex 4 requirements

The two following requirements have been newly updated, due to recent IFS International Technical Committee decisions:
  • Requirement about determination of CCPs no longer be assessed as NA and shall always be assessed, even if the audited company doesn’t have implemented any CCPs (as the auditor shall always assess the logical approach taken by the company to determine CCPs and/ or CPs).
  • The annual training frequency on food defense has been removed in requirement 6.3.2 and has been replaced by a frequency to be determined by the company, based on product risks and employee training needs.
Download the IFS Food, Version 6, April 2014 and IFS doctrine version 3