Traceability is crucial to market success

The question of traceability and its role in the market


The issue of traceability is more than just a small talk very common in this period, but it is an argument here to stay, and which carry on also deep consequences on processing methods for companies and on the way to inform the customers.

Any elements that come in contact with the product play a fundamental role when it is time to report informations to support a transparent origin of the product.

Companies, recently, are trying to integrate sustainability into their business practices as well as their risk management strategies.

On the other side, products labelled as sustainable are recognized from a higher number of consumers. This brings to a growing demand from producers and retailers of a complete traceability and of standards to certify it.

As at global level grows the trend to adopt standards to certify sustainability in the same way increase the demand of clear and credible systems to certify the traceability of the product chain.

In this context, what is sure is that we can not pretend that consumers become experts about the large amount of programs and standards on sustainability.

What is the solution?

An answer can be the electronically traceable supply chain.
Platforms that allow this kind of services are emerging, becoming integral part of the certificate system. Every subject has a role: from creation of the base information by the audit firm, to the collection of information on transport methods and eventual tracing of the products to their last transformation before they reach supermarkets.

Today, thanks to QR Code, it is possible to have access to a large amount of informations.

Obviously, there are always new measures that can improve these systems, and the higher will be the consumers’ demand the faster will be their development.

Companies and Certification agencies are carrying this process and we hope that very soon the affirmation “sustainable production” may be verify in the real time from the consumers themselves.