Trainings on PDO, PGI & TSG

CSQA partecipated in the Better Training for Safer Food Initiative


Trainings on PDO, PGI & TSG: this project is under the Better Training for Safer Food Initiative of the European Commission and it is organised by DEVELOPMENT Solutions, Campden BRI and oriGIn.

CSQA was invited to participate in this project by offering qualified teachers in the monitoring of products PDO, PGI & TSG.

The BTSF Trainings on PDO, PGI & TSG were organised in three different cities: Lisbon, Milan and Paris.
The first training was held in November 2013 and the last session took place in February 2015.

In total, 281 professionals from 50 different countries were trained throughout the ten sessions.

Technical content
In terms of the technical content, participants especially enjoyed topics related to the introduction to PDO, PGI & TSG, the EU Legal Framework for PDO as well as the controls and certification of PDOs, PGIs and TSGs.

Tutor review
‘‘I think the distribution between theory and practice was the strength of the training. The participants were very active during the practice exercise and exchanged a lot of information. All tutors tried to systematically answer all questions and participants understood the answers well. It was also important to always have some non-EU participants; they have an external understanding of the system and can present some other systems.’’ - Corinne Couillerot – Training Coordinator

“Many thanks to the trainers for excellent, understandable and comprehensive delivery of information on GI. They contributed to the very active discussions and communication of all participants.” - Serhii Kolesnyk, Secretary of The National Codex Alimentarius Commission of Ukraine.