- Raw products of animal & vegetable origin (raw red meat,
raw poultry, raw prepared products, raw fish products and
preparations, chilled and frozen);
- Fruit, vegetables and nuts (ambient, chilled and frozen);
- Processed foods and liquids with pasteurisation or UHT as
heat treatment or similar technology (Dairy (ambient, chilled
and frozen), liquid egg);
- Ready to eat or heat (ambient, chilled & frozen) and eat foods
 including cooked meat/fish products; Raw Cured and/or
Fermented Meat and Fish (chilled);
Ready Meals and Sandwiches, Ready to Eat Desserts
(chilled & frozen);
- Ambient stable products with pasteurisation or sterilization
as heat treatment (low/high acid in cans/glass stable at
ambient temperature);
- Other ambient stable products not involving sterilisation
as heat treatment (beverages; alcoholic drinks and A105:
A115+A106:A115fermented/ brewed products; bakery products;
 dried foods; confectionery; snacks and breakfast cereals;
 oils & fats; food additives and technological coadjuvants).