ISO 9001

01 Agriculture, fishing (cultivation, breeding)
03 Food industries including drinks and tobacco
07 Pulp, paper and paper products
12 Chemicals, chemical products and fibres limited to "chemical products, cosmetics and and toilet articles"
14 Rubber and plastic products
28b Installation, conduction and servicing of equipment
29a Wholesale, retail, and intermediary trade
30 Hotels, restaurants and bars
31a Logistics: transport, storage and consignments
33 Information Technology
34 Technical consultancy studies, engineering (with extention limited to research and experimental development in the field of natural schiences)
35 Professional business services
36 Public administration
37 Education
38c Other health services: Laboratories of clinical analysis, Laboratories of Hygiene and Prophylaxis,Beauty Laboratories.
38e Veterinary services
38f Social welfare
39 Public services