Risultati immagini per logo biologico dell'ue

Organic production is a global farm management system and food production based on the interaction between the best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, the safeguard of natural resources, the application of strict criteria for animal welfare and a production suited to certain consumers preferences, for products obtained with natural substances and processes.

The organic logo use and the labeling system have the aim to give assurances to consumers that the product they are buying was obtained by following in all the details the European regulation on organic agriculture and the national legislation or, in case of imported products, according to equivalent rules or equally strict. Starting from July, 1st  2010, the use of the new logo has become mandatory for all organic products made in compliance with EU legislation.

CSQA is authorized for organic certification.



Farmers, processors, importers and all operators of the supply chain must comply to the specific legislation if they are willing to use the wording and the references to organic, in the sold / traded goods. To ensure that all operators comply to this regulation, a control system has been established.

Controls are carried out on every step of the organic farming supply chain and it is mandatory that all the farmers, processors or importer working in the organic sector, is inspected at least once a year.

For this function, each State Member of EU has designated public authorities and / or private approved inspection bodies, like CSQA, responsible for carrying out the inspections. All inspection bodies and authorities operate under the supervision, or in close cooperation, with the central competent authorities of the EU States Member.