GlobalG.A.P. Fruit and Vegetable

The GlobalG.A.P. Standard defines good agricultural practices (G.A.P.) regarding the essential elements for the development of best practices applicable to farms, crops and animal farms.

 The protocol was created by Eurep (Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group), a group which includes some of the most important European Retailers, wi che unisce alcune tra le più importanti catene commerciali europee, in order to meet the growing needs of food and environmental safety.
The first published standard was the EurepGAP Fruit and Vegetables, later supplemented by EurepGAP IFA (Integrated Farms Assurance), a modular standard for agricultural production and livestock breeding.
Various parties involved in the food chain joined the GlobalG.A.P protocol:
  • Producers (single farms or producer groups)
  • European Retailers
  • Associated members (laboratories, certification bodies, consulting companies, manufacturers of technical means for agriculture).
The GlobalG.A.P. product certification constitutes a competitive advantage tool, especially in Business to Business relations.

CSQA is accredited by ACCREDIA (the Italian Accreditation Body) for the GlobalG.A.P. protocol for the following stages:
  • Fruit & vegetables
  • Combinable crops (cereals, oilseeds, etc..)
  • Flowers & ornamentals

Key points

The standard includes the management of requirements regarding:  
  • traceability
  • environmental issues (site history and management, soil and waste management)
  • product ( food safety, pesticides, irrigation techniques, crop protection, methods of harvest and post harvest treatments)
  • animal welfare
  • Workers health and safety and working conditions
  • elements related to business management.
Two certification options are available against the GLOBALG.A.P. standard: 
  1. single farm
  2. cooperative or association of farms. In this case it is also required to write a Technical Specification that describes the Quality System elements through which the cooperative / association manages and coordinates all the farms to ensure compliance with the requirements set by the GLOBALG.A.P Standard.


  • The ability to respond to requests from European clients who increasingly require the adoption of international standards. GLOBALG.A.P. defines the production standards of farm products which are shared and accepted by the major groups of European distribution.
  • Integration and synergies with the requirements for Integrated Production and marketing of fruit and vegetables and fresh produce in general.
  • The GLOBALG.A.P protocol represents an actual Guideline for Good Agricultural Practices.
  • CSQA is accredited by ACCREDIA.

Application for certification and/or renewal

In order to apply for:
  • GlobalG.A.P. first certification;
  • Certification annual renewal,
the following Questionnaire shall be filled in and sent by fax to CSQA (+39 0445 313070) or by email to .

GlobalG.A.P. Price list

 GlobalG.A.P. has published a new price list "GlobalG.A.P. Fee Table 2017" whose prices are effective from March, 15 2015.
The price list sets the fees that GlobalG.A.P. applies, through CSQA, to companies that require certification.