GlobalG.A.P. Chain of Custody

Thanks to the GlobalG.A.P. Chain of Custody (CoC) standard all the intermediate subjects of the production chain can:

  • be registered in the GlobalG.A.P. database, acquiring a personal identification code (GGN);
  • obtain a GlobalG.A.P. certification in order to ensure the GlobalG.A.P origin of products supplied to customers.
The GlobalG.A.P. Chain of Custody certification may be requested by all the companies that buy certified product and have the need to sell it as such to its customers.
Certification may be required by all organizations that deal with:
  • logistics,
  • processing,
  • storage,
  • labelling
of GlobalG.A.P. certified products.

CSQA is accredited by ACCREDIA.

Key points

The requirements cover issues such as:
  • traceability,
  • identification and segregation of GlobalG.A.P. product,
  • labelling,
  • records and mass balance.
There are also some minimal quality system requirements (internal audits, complaints, management of non-compliance, et al).

Application for certification and/or renewal

In order to apply for:
  • GlobalG.A.P. first certification;
  • Certification annual renewal,
the following Questionnaire shall be filled in and sent by fax to CSQA (+39 0445 313070) or by email to