Energy Saving

Energy Saving
Energy Saving Company is a tool that allows companies to effectively communicate the positive aspects of its products in relation to sustainable energy management.

The Energy Saving Company trademark was released by CSQA through "INN.ESCO" Innovation for Energy Saving, with the aim of promoting energy efficiency as a key driver for sustainability in the farm-food industry.

The main objective is to promote sustainable energy management based on:
  • Organizational innovation deriving from the application of energy management systems according to ISO 50001.
  • The use of communication tools that strengthen the reputation and encourage the differentiation of goods produced by organizations engaged in improving their energy performance.
CSQA has registered "Energy Saving Company" as a trademark to transfer to the market the value that comes from a sustainable energy management.
The trademark is granted only to production/processing organizations that are already certified ISO 50001 with CSQA and who undertake to ensure:
1. Improvements in energy management.
2. Improvements in packaging management.
3. Concrete commitments about the production / use of energy from renewable sources.
4. An annually updated “Energy Report” will be available on its sites and that it includes at least the following information / data:
  • Sites where the company is improving its performance and the products in which they are performed;
  • Energy sources used;
  • Targets set and achieved.
5. Professional due diligence in any action, conduct, statement or communication related to the use of the trademark granted by CSQA.