IFS Broker version 3


The new version of the IFS Broker is now online available. The Standard can be downloaded in English here.

IFS Broker is a Standard for auditing/assessing services compliance of companies/persons who carry out trading activities related to food, household and personal care products and/or packaging materials.

The new version will be mandatory from 1st June 2020 but there is a transition period starting from 2nd January 2020, where companies can decide whether they want to be certified against version 2 or against the new version 3.

Most relevant changes from version 2 to version 3 are:
  •  Review requirements to reflect the brokers business and responsibilities in a better way,
  • More detailed requirements in regard to the Brokers ́ risk assessment process
  • Introduction of requirements for food fraud mitigation,
  • Alignment of the audit protocol with the other IFS Standards,
  • Introduction of new glossary definitions (e.g. food fraud),
  • Mandatory inclusion of QR-code on the IFS
  • Certificate for being able to trace back their authenticity.