CSQA has obtained the accreditation for FSC®

The international certification of forestry sector


CSQA has obtained the accreditation for FSC® certification: the international certification of forestry sector.

FSC is an international, independent and third party certification, specifically for the forestry sector and forestry products - wood and not wood and products derived from forests.

CSQA certifies the FSC Chain of Custody for transformation and/or trade companies of forest products.

The certification of Chain of Custody (COC) ensures the traceability of material coming from FSC certified forests and it is essential in order to use the FSC label on products.

The possession of a valid FSC Chain of Custody certification is a prerequisite for being able to sell a product as certified.
With this certification, an organization can ensure the market about the origin of the timber or paper used for their products and then show correctly, transparently and in controlled way their active contribution to the responsible forest management.