G.A.P. Awards 2016

Calling all producers


Dear GLOBALG.A.P. Certified Producer, 

Apply Today for the GLOBALG.A.P. Good Agricultural Practices Awards 2016!
Deadline: 30 June 2016 

Here’s your opportunity to showcase your achievements and gain industry recognition for your efforts to implement Good Agricultural Practices on your farm. 

The G.A.P. Awards 2016 will focus on the following three categories: 
  1. Talent for Agriculture, Women and Youth
  2. Water Management
  3. Integration of Smallholders
These will be assessed on the following criteria: 
  • Traceability - IT/Transparency Usage
  • Push for Partnerships/Co-operations (public, private, etc.)
  • Innovative Practices/Technologies
  • Economic Aspect/Created Value
  • Passion and a Powerful Story
Your success must involve outstanding performance and achievements made in one or more of the above areas.
  • Are you one of the first producers in your country to have implemented policies and measures in one or more of these areas?
  • Have you specifically developed innovative solutions to enhance one or more of these areas on your farm?
  • Do you feel the changes you’ve made on your farm in this respect have positively impacted your workers, company value, your community, and/or the environment?
  • Have you really embraced the values of GLOBALG.A.P., not only on your own farm but in sharing your knowledge with others?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, GLOBALG.A.P. wants to hear your story!

Who Can Apply
The G.A.P. Awards 2016 is open to all GLOBALG.A.P. IFA Standard certified farmers and farmer groups, as well as any programs involving one or more certified farmers.

How To Apply
To apply, go to the G.A.P. Awards 2016 page on the GLOBALG.A.P. website and simply follow the instructions.

The Prize
All the winners will receive:
  • A G.A.P. Awards 2016 Trophy
  • A G.A.P. Awards 2016 Winner Certificate
  • A G.A.P. Awards 2016 Winner Seal for their communication, emails, website
  • A ticket to the GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT 2016 in Amsterdam, including travel and accommodation costs for one person
Please submit your application, logo and pictures no later than 30 June 2016.

Send your story today! Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to receive recognition! 

For more information, please contact GLOBALG.A.P..