Sustainability report

Sustainability report


The Sustainability Report is a document that allows any organization to report non-financial information , such as, for example, the results obtained and the impacts generated with its activity.

The preparation of the Sustainability Report, regardless of the reasons for which it is prepared, whether they are to respond to a legal obligation or a voluntary choice, must include a process of data collection of the organization, data processing and discussion with the various stakeholders.

There are various codified methodologies that provide guidelines on how to draft this document.

In particular, the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) has developed a substantial package of internationally recognized sustainability reporting standards . The standards are available in various languages and each standard deals with a specific aspect of sustainability, with a modular approach; for this reason they are often used in an integrated way.

CSQA proposes itself as a partner for the sworn statement of the Sustainability Report , evaluating the application of the methodology and the truthfulness of the data in the report.


The Sustainability Report refers to a precise period of activity of the organization , which generally coincides with the calendar year. Although it is not mandatory, organizations that decide to use this reporting and communication tool often do so for several consecutive years so that it is possible to compare the data between the various years and make a virtuous path clear .
The document often becomes a tool for presenting the organization , in which the product/service offered is certainly described in a transparent way, but also the social and environmental fabric in which the organization is inserted is described. The image offered to the interlocutor is a rounded, articulated image, capable of providing information from multiple points of view.

The reporting process requires the mapping of the various stakeholders and a periodic comparison with them; in this way, in addition to promoting communication between the various subjects, it is possible to identify the mandatory aspects to be monitored and reported and above all it is possible to develop a system of indicators useful for self-assessment.


  • It allows the organization to define what kind of organization it wants to be and to define which paths to implement
  • Allows the organization, through discussions with stakeholders, to understand what the corporate image is perceived by stakeholders
  • It allows you to improve communication with the various stakeholders
  • It allows you to define your corporate mission , according to the strategic objectives you want to achieve
  • It allows you to communicate projects and initiatives carried out in a structured way
  • Increase the level of transparency in communication , improving the methods of communication with stakeholders and the image of the organization

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