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CSQA's historical and recognized attention to "Made in Italy" and to the European market is confirmed by the numerous PDO/ PGI / TSG products that we control. The PDO/ PGI / TSG brands arise from community regulations and presuppose the adherence of the producers to models valid throughout the European Union. European legislation protects traditional productions and enhances the specific features of agri-food products, with the aim of characterizing the product-territory relationship.

Control of compliance with the Production Regulations of Italian Geographical Indication products is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry (Masaf) and in particular of the Central Quality and Fraud Repression Inspectorate (ICQRF), one of the major European agri-food control bodies.

II Masaf makes use of public bodies (Chambers of Commerce) or accredited private control bodies (such as CSQA) to which it confers the task of control through an authorizing Ministerial Decree (DM).

CSQA carries out the controls on the basis of the requirements governed by a Control Plan (DPC) approved by Masaf.

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