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Una finestra sul mondo CSQA tra Comunicati Stampa, news, eventi, social network e la nostra Q Press, la rassegna stampa mensile CSQA. Una raccolta di informazioni, spunti e approfondimenti per i professionisti e il mondo delle imprese, per essere sempre aggiornati.

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CSQA is present in the main international social networks. Through these channels, we share our activities and projects with you, guaranteeing a space for shared innovation and collective growth.

CSQA official social media

LinkedIn represents the main social media for CSQA, a professional communication platform that allows us to listen and dialogue with all our stakeholders.

Facebook , similarly to LinkedIn, is another important communication channel. Follow us to be informed about all our activities.

For CSQA, X represents the social channel for disseminating and re-launching Press Releases, institutional communications, certifications, standards and events and for communicating with bloggers and influencers.

The CSQATV channel is the official CSQA channel on YouTube and offers the most important video content related to the CSQA world.

User Content and Moderation Policies
The space on CSQA's social channels is an important environment open to everyone's discussion and exchange of ideas.
For this reason we have adopted a few simple rules of moderation to ensure free discussion and respect for different points of view. Moderation covers the following points:
  • Language : the use of rude, rude and generally disturbing and/or inappropriate language is not permitted
  • Discrimination and offenses against individuals, legal entities and page administrators, on issues of gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic origins, disabilities, as well as infringements of the main guaranteed rights of freedom and equality are not allowed
  • Publication of your or others' sensitive data
  • Spam, self-promotion and other third party promotions
More generally, in the protection of CSQA and the users of the various channels, posts/comments could be removed which could in turn incite the attitudes referred to in the previous points.

Support and Assistance
Our social channels have an institutional profile and do not offer support and/or assistance for matters related to the services and activities promoted by CSQA. Therefore, all requests in this sense will be managed in such a way as to be diverted to the competent offices and will in no way be managed directly through social channels.

For any request regarding CSQA Communication activities, you can refer to the contacts   Marketing and Communication and Press Office of the Communication Area.

+39 0445 313085
+39 0577 1503049


Marketing and comunication

Phone:  +39 0445 313085 E: marketing@csqa.it 

Press office

Phone:  +39 0577 1503049 E: comunicazione@csqa.it

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