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The CSQA Training Center offers the know-how of a certification body: the experience of an auditor "on the front line" daily is shared with companies interested in qualifying their personnel, acquiring knowledge and, more generally, stimulating professional and therefore corporate growth.

Training can be online or face-to-face.

The auditors called upon to manage the courses are selected on the basis of their effectiveness in transmitting their experience to the participant, in order to maximize the value perceived by the latter.

The qualification criteria of the teachers include a proven fusion of knowledge, expertise and relational skills, so as to allow theories and methods to find timely application and experiential links.

To overcome the limitations of face-to-face training, in the qualification courses traditional training is alternated with exercises (single and group), role playing, checks and exams.
This methodological mix, combined with the exchange of knowledge and experience that is created between the participants, in our intent wants to constitute a generator of value, consistent with our mission:

  • convey value,
  • facilitate change,
  • promote personal and therefore collective growth.
The CSQA Training Center is ISO 9001 certified.

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