Mystery Audits

Mystery Audits


The Mystery Audit activity simulates the action of a potential or real customer of a service organization with the aim of evaluating the quality of the interface and relationship activities between the customer and the organization.

In this way it is possible to evaluate the objective quality factors of a provision of services.

Depending on the sector in which the audit is applied, the following is defined:
  • Mystery Shoppers in the case of simulations of a shopping experience
  • Mystery Guest for hospitality simulations in a hotel or restaurant
  • Mystery Patient in the case of health services

Recipients are all public or private organizations that provide services.

The mystery audit is useful for:

  • searches and investigations
  • internal monitoring
  • benchmarking
  • external monitoring (second party)
  • certification activity


The audit is carried out by personnel specifically trained to simulate the behavior of a customer and with the competence of the UNI/TS 11312 and ISO 19011 standards, reference standards for carrying out the audits.

The Mystery Audit activities can be carried out by visiting the service delivery sites, by telephone or by browsing the websites, establishing a direct relationship (qualitative analysis) or through Feedback lists (quantitative analysis).


  • improves the quality of services
  • Evaluate staff performance
  • understands customers and their needs
  • monitor customer satisfaction
  • improve customer retention

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