EC Reg. 2023:06

EC Reg. 2023:06


This is an inspection activity aimed at assessing the compliance of organizations producing, transforming and/or distributing FCMs (Materials and Objects intended for contact with food) with the requirements set forth for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) by EC Reg. 2023:06 , providing a third-party attestation on the degree of compliance with binding requirements applicable from 1 August 2008.

This Regulation "... establishes the rules relating to good manufacturing practices for the groups of materials and objects intended to come into contact with food ... listed in Annex I to Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and combinations of such materials and objects as well as recycled materials and objects used in such materials and objects".

The regulation is aimed at:

  • MOCA transformation
  • Manufacturers of materials in direct or indirect food contact (MOCA), including importers
  • MOCA distributors
  • Users who transform packaging and/or materials intended for contact with food in the packaging lines


CSQA has developed a specific inspection scheme to be able to assess the compliance of production activities with reg. EC 2023:06.

The scheme implemented provides for the use of checklists specifically designed for the FCM sector and food packaging in particular, with the aim of evaluating the following elements in detail:

  1. Compliance with GMP best practices (assessment performed with reference to the key points of the Industry Guidelines of III)
  2. Quality assurance systems (assessment performed with reference to own risk based approach also of ISO 9001 )
  3. Quality control systems (assessment performed with reference to the key points of the HACCP guidelines)
  4. Documentation (assessment performed with reference to the guidelines for the declarations of conformity of the packaging and the applicable mandatory legislation)

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