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The company archive is updated following the decisions of the Executive Certification Committee or of the Director of CSQA Certificazioni, who approve each issue.
Companies with a suspended Certificate are identified by the suffix /S (or /Susp.) next to the certificate number.
Companies with Certificates not covered by ACCREDIA accreditation are identified by the wording "NA" next to the reference standard. In the case of partial accreditations, i.e. applicable only to one or more product sectors, the non-accredited sectors are indicated in brackets next to the wording "NA".

How to search for a company:

  • Search by name : in the company name / certificate number box, enter the name of the company you are looking for or any part of it (entering no less than 3 characters).
  • Search by certificate number : in the company name / certificate number box, enter the character # (hash/sharp) followed by the certificate number (e.g. #1234).
  • In the control code box it is mandatory to write the control code shown in the image (it is not necessary to distinguish lowercase/uppercase characters).
  • Finally, the search can be activated by pressing the appropriate Search button.

In case of errors or inaccuracies, a warning message will be reported. The search engine will select the first five companies that meet the specified search criteria, providing a list. If the company does not appear in the list, we suggest checking the search criteria and possibly specifying a more/less restrictive condition. For each company found, it is possible to view the detailed information relating to the certificates by clicking on the corresponding links.



Your search returned an incorrect result. You must add "#" followed by the desired certificate number or search by company name.

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