The BRC IoP standard (GSPP) was created to respond to requests specifically promoted by the Anglo-Saxon large-scale retail trade concerning the hygienic-sanitary safety of materials in contact with food .

It is a private standard, developed at the time by the BRC (British Retail Consortium, which was acquired by the Anglo-Saxon group LGC Limited in 2016) in collaboration with the Institute of Packaging, which can be placed among the private product certification schemes but with an integrated vision with system requirements.

The requirements of the standard are very detailed and specific.

It explicitly refers to measures and methods for managing food safety hazards deriving from packaging or packaging materials, detailing with a very rigid approach, also the standards of the establishment (infrastructures, work environment, personnel, etc...).

It is addressed to:
  • Production of materials intended for contact with food FCM
  • Processing of FCM food contact materials, including repackaging
  • Distributors of materials in contact with food MCA
  • Users of packaging intended for food contact who produce or process FCMs in packaging lines
  • Manufacturers of packaging and packaging materials for cosmetic products
  • Manufacturers of packaging and packaging materials for personal care items
  • Manufacturers of packaging and packaging materials for consumables similar to the categories described above
For the issue of BRC IoP certifications CSQA is accredited by ACCREDIA .


In summary, the key points of the standard are:
  • A strong commitment from Top Management
  • adoption of risk and danger analysis management systems (according to the HACCP method)
  • A documented quality management system
  • An adequate planned system of prerequisites (PRP) for the control of the production environment, processes, product and personnel


  • Being recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), the certification by an accredited third party body of the BRC Packaging requirements can help limit the number of checks undergone by customers in the food sector who recognize this scheme
  • It makes the results of the checks visible in a special directory, contributing to their transparency
  • It considers part of the legislative requirements and deals with product quality, compliance and safety.
  • It can support the development of business management systems and best practices
  • It supports training and therefore awareness
  • It has a program of checks with differentiated and rewarding levels, depending on whether you choose the solution for scheduled or "unscheduled" checks

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