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Aglio Bianco Polesano DOP, growth in production with a 6 million euro supply chain

CSQA confirmed to carry out checks on the 600 tons of the certified supply chain

Aglio Bianco Polesano DOP, growth in production with a 6 million euro supply chain

Aglio Bianco Polesano DOP, growth in production with a 6 million euro supply chain The Central Inspectorate for the Protection of Quality and Fraud Repression (ICQRF) of agri-food products of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests (Masaf) has renewed the authorization, with Ministerial Decree, to CSQA to carry out checks for the Denomination of Protected Origin Aglio Bianco Polesano for the next three years.

Aglio Bianco Polesano DOP is one of the territorial symbols of the important basket of products with Geographical Indication of Veneto , a region which – exclusively in the food sector – can boast 36 DOP IGP products for an economic value of 433 million € and which in the fruit and vegetable sector has 17 protected products for a production value of 10.5 million euros (Ismea-Qualivita 2022 Report Data).
Present in the Polesine area since Roman times, Aglio Bianco Polesano DOP can now count on a chain of 600 tons of certified annual production and 33 operators capable of generating € 3.3 million in production value, translated into 6 million € of value for consumption. A highly appreciated production that has seen a production growth of +120% in the last 5 years compared to the previous five (Ismea-Qualivita 2022 Report Data).

Since 2010, the Consortium for the protection of Aglio Bianco Polesano DOP has been safeguarding and enhancing this excellence with diversified projects that meet the needs of both the producer/packer and the consumer. In fact, he has been active in promotion for years, participating in the most important international fruit and vegetable fairs including Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Biofach in Nuremberg and Macfrut in Rimini. Among the main initiatives are those related to the engagement of buyers in the sector and those oriented towards direct information to the consumer, including Caseus Veneti , with dedicated promo videos and numerous appearances in local and national television programmes, radio promos, web campaigns and social media and training events aimed at regional primary schools with classroom workshops.

"The decision to reconfirm CSQA, the leading certification body in Italy in the field of Geographical Indications - says Massimo Tovo , President of the Protection Consortium - is dictated by the desire to make use of a trained and competent body that has been operating in our area for years".

" Our confirmation as a control body - underlines Pietro Bonato, General Manager and CEO of CSQA - is the result of the synergistic work carried out in terms of guaranteeing and enhancing this product, symbol of the Polesine land and of Veneto fruit and vegetable production", it stands out for its regular and compact shape, the bright white colour, the delicate perfume and the intense aroma. Furthermore, what makes it special is the alluvial soil rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, combined with the pedoclimatic conditions and the human factor, made up of great commitment and experience handed down from father to son. We are therefore proud to continue on the path undertaken and of the renewed trust in CSQA".

The DOP Aglio Bianco Polesano confirms the value of the DOP IGP product portfolio certified by CSQA , which currently has 73 Geographical Indications : a fact that underlines the desire to increasingly accompany the development of quality agri-food supply chains, a symbol of Made in Italy and the vocation of the territories .


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