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Tropea Calabria PGI Red Onion: 60 million consumer value from the certified supply chain

CSQA confirmed for checks on over 20 thousand tons of the certified supply chain made up of nurserymen, producers, intermediaries and packers

Tropea Calabria PGI Red Onion: 60 million consumer value from the certified supply chain

Tropea Calabria PGI Red Onion: 60 million consumer value from the certified supply chain The Central Inspectorate for the Protection of Quality and Repression of Fraud ( ICQRF ) of agri-food products of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry ( Masaf ) has renewed the authorization for CSQA to carry out controls for the Indication for the next three years Geographically Protected Red Onion of Tropea Calabria.

A product representative of the basket of protected products of Calabria , a region which - exclusively in the food sector - can boast 21 DOP IGP products for an economic value equal to €30 million of production value generated by the work of 1,634 operators (Ismea Report Data - Qualivita 2023).


Highly appreciated already in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Red Onion of Tropea Calabria PGI can today count on a supply chain of 20 thousand tons of certified production - of which approximately 20% destined for transformation - and 170 operators capable of generating €60 million of consumer value .

Since 2008, the Tropea Red Onion Protection Consortium has safeguarded and enhanced this excellence with activities in various fields with the aim of growing the supply chain and bringing value to all operators, from producers to packers.
In fact, there are active projects in the field of promotion and communication at a national and international level - from large fairs to specialized media - as well as in the field of food and wine tourism in collaboration with local operators - the "Tropea Experience" - and of controls and supervision at points sales and on the web.

For the near future, promotional activities linked to the European "Agrip" tenders are ready to start, also in collaboration with other Calabrian and Italian PDO PGI fruit and vegetable products, and above all research projects aimed at sustainability and the solution to critical issues linked to climate change.

The choice to reconfirm CSQA, after the first three years, was dictated by the desire to complete a new control method , as stated by Giuseppe Laria, President of the Protection Consortium: "In the era of artificial intelligence, even in the delicate control phase, it is necessary to try to guarantee timeliness and precision in the collection of certification, production and sales data .

Thanks to CSQA's commitment, we will soon have the immediate computerization, on an online platform, of the various operations relating to the control system. It will therefore be possible to have real-time availability of the certified quantities during production and sale for each entity operating in the PGI area".

“Our confirmation as a control body – underlines Pietro Bonato, General Director and CEO of CSQAis the result of the synergistic work carried out on the guarantee and valorisation front of this product, symbol of the Calabrian land and fruit and vegetable production, which represents a extraordinary resource not only economic but also social and cultural due to the close link it has with the territory . An excellence known and sought after throughout the world, both on national and foreign markets. We are therefore proud to continue on the path undertaken and the renewed trust in CSQA".

The PGI Cipolla Rossa di Tropea Calabria confirms the value of the portfolio of PDO PGI products certified by CSQA , which currently includes 80 Geographical Indications : a fact that underlines the desire to increasingly accompany the sustainable development of Italian quality agri-food chains and their different territories, a true symbol in the world of Made in Italy.


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