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CSQA, the new website is online

CSQA presents the new brand identity

CSQA, the new website is online

CSQA, the new website is online CSQA presents the new brand identity which is declined in a new website , a digital platform created to satisfy the need for a more engaging , interactive and agile channel, reflecting the path of the certification body towards continuous and sustainable innovation.

The new site has been completely revamped not only in terms of graphics, but also in the organization of contents and functions, with a simple and intuitive interface, to offer a complete browsing experience.

Designed with the most modern web design technologies, it is available in both Italian and English and is made in responsive mode, allowing pages to automatically adapt to the layout to provide optimal viewing with all types of devices (PCs, desktops with different resolutions, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

Added to this is dynamic storytelling , in which all certification , assessment and training services are told in a complete and detailed manner to allow users to further explore the values that make CSQA the leading certification body in Italy and Europe.

The new CSQA website best represents the institution's distinctive positioning and its vision of the future. The result is a dynamic platform in which users can learn about the strategic vision and discover how continuous innovation has guided the company since its foundation.

This new web portal, dynamic and user-friendly, is designed and conceived to respond to the specific needs of companies , placing their strategic needs at the centre.

The certification, assessment and training services are presented with detailed sheets which present the guidelines , the key points and the advantages .

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