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The CSQA Group: a center of excellence in the agri-food certification sector with strong sectoral expertise


CSQA acquires CHECK FRUIT CSQA has acquired 100% of the share capital of Check Fruit .

The acquisition represents a further step in the growth and development project of the CSQA Group as a national reference in the sector of certification, assessment and training in the agri-food sector.

Check Fruit , with approximately 1.4 million euros in turnover, has been a reference recognized by the market for over 30 years as an excellence in the fruit and vegetable segment for specific expertise and professionalism.

CSQA , with over 33 million euros in turnover, 270 employees, over 500 auditors, 13 offices in Italy and 3 abroad, is a national and European leader and point of reference in the agri-food sector.

The decision to acquire Check Fruit is part of a medium-term strategy aimed at creating a center of excellence in the certification sector in the agri-food sector with strong sectoral expertise.

The objective is to ensure a high level certification service through high skills for each product sector .
In this sense, the great synergistic potential between CSQA and Check Fruit is evident, with a strategic convergence of mission, objectives and business profiles with a view to offering specialized services that meet the needs of companies.

The services offered by the Group will continue to have as their primary objective that of creating added value for the organizations that choose them, increasing sectorial skills, strengthening the presence in the territory and guaranteeing customers the guarantee and trust given by accredited bodies recognized for their expertise , professionalism and impartiality.

“This acquisition ” – declares Pietro Bonato, General Director and CEO CSQA“is an important moment in CSQA's growth project and represents an opportunity to continue creating value for our customers, in line with the company strategy. It will allow us to consolidate our leadership position at a European level and increase our offer of third-party certifications dedicated in particular to the fruit and vegetable sector".

“This highly accretive operation” – declares Carlo Perini, President and CEO CSQA“was possible thanks to the strategic complementarity with Check Fruit and a common corporate vision: support for agri-food quality and Italian excellence, competence and innovation. We also strengthen the presence and offer of innovative services in Italy that meet the needs of businesses."

“This decision is extremely important for Check Fruit” – declares Eugenio Govoni – Check Fruit Director“as it allows us to give continuity and development to a project born over 30 years ago and which has always focused on quality. We chose CSQA for the common vision and for the opportunity to strengthen our presence in the area as an Italian quality hub. In this new capacity, Check Fruit will not only maintain its approach to customers, but, thanks to the complementarity with CSQA, will be able to expand the range of services aimed at the market".

CSQA Certifications
CSQA is a leading Certification Body in the agri-food sector that carries out certification, inspection, assessment and training activities, active in the sectors of Agri-Food & Packaging, Sustainability, Life Sciences, Healthcare and Health, Training and Human Services, IT Security and Digital Services , Public Administration, Training/Technical/Tourist/Public Services, Forests, Wood and Paper. CSQA is the main Certification Body in Italy and Europe in the agricultural and food sector with 80 controlled Geographical Indication products (complete list: http://bit.ly/CSQA-IG) and tens of thousands of companies certified in a voluntary context .
CSQA is a member of the companies Valoritalia, Fondazione Qualivita, Equalitas, ACS Italia, Certottica and Dolomiticert.

CHECK FRUIT is a Certification Body among the leaders in Italy for certification, inspection, quality control and training services dedicated to the agri-food supply chain and in particular to the fruit and vegetable sector. CHECK FRUIT has been synonymous with competence, independence and integrity for over 30 years and therefore represents a reliable partner for the entire agri-food supply chain. CHECK FRUIT is also a Certification Body for Geographical Indication and Designation of Origin products in the fruit and vegetable sector with 16 controlled products.

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