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Diversity Ark, the first certified wineries

An innovative model of sustainable agriculture for the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems

Diversity Ark, the first certified wineries

Diversity Ark, the first certified wineries CSQA has issued the first Diversity Ark certifications to nine Italian and foreign wineries:

  • Inama Agricultural Company of Inama Stefano and Giuseppe (Veneto),

  • Meroi Agricultural Company (Friuli Venezia Giulia),

  • Gradis'ciutta (Friuli Venezia Giulia),

  • Le Piane Boca (Piedmont),

  • The Tower at Tolfe (Tuscany),

  • Tenuta Luisa (Friuli Venezia Giulia),

  • Tenuta Stella (Friuli Venezia Giulia),

  • Old Lands of Montefili (Tuscany),

  • Vinarija Kozlović (Croatia)

Diversity Ark is a streamlined and innovative Certification Mark that allows - through rigorous scientific methods - an in-depth evaluation of the vitality and potential of the agro-ecosystem of agricultural companies in order to improve its management aimed at the naturalness and excellence of production.

Designed by agronomists Stefano Amadeo and Stefano Zaninotti, the certification introduces an absolutely innovative model of sustainable agriculture , pursuing integral protection of biodiversity as well as preventing the alteration of ecosystems due to human intervention.

“Our vision focuses on the long-term health of the soil and responsible production. Seeing these nine companies embrace and implement our principles is a source of great satisfaction and pride” commented Amadeo and Zaninotti.

From the data obtained through the meticulous evaluation that was carried out and which considers 10 essential indicators to determine the health of the soil and crops, an extremely positive picture emerges: "These indicators - states Stefano Zaninotti - which range from the content of organic substance to the between predators and prey, up to the presence of plastic in the environment, form the basis of our unique and cutting-edge system for agroecosystem analysis.

We are pleased to see that all the vineyards examined achieved high agroecological ratings , with scores starting from a minimum of 68 out of 100. This is a clear sign of quality and commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, we observed a remarkable variety of pollinators and a balanced predator-prey dynamic in all the vineyards, a symptom of a healthy environment.
Another noteworthy aspect is the almost total absence of plastic , which demonstrates the concrete commitment of our companies to reducing the environmental impact of the materials used."

The certification , registered with EUIPO and certified at European level by CSQA , is the result of years of collaboration and research.
In addition to promoting greater biodiversity, Diversity Ark is committed to making the bureaucratic processes related to certifications more efficient and less burdensome , thus encouraging wider adoption of sustainable practices.

In this regard , Davide Troncon, head of the Forestry & Biodiversity Division of CSQA , reports that "the Diversity Ark scheme within the panorama of certification schemes in the wine world is proposed as a positive element for the valorization of products and related territories.

The scheme, in fact, contains some innovative and challenging elements and requirements which represent a response to the growing demand for sustainability from consumers and the community in a sector which is often considered among the major sources of pollution and cause of biodiversity loss.
There is still a long way to go but the voluntary participation by these virtuous companies in schemes that have the objective of sustainability gives hope for the future ”.

Certification offers not only recognition of the commitment to sustainability, but also tangible added value , with the possibility of displaying the Diversity Ark sticker on products.


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