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IFS, the new scoring system

Download the updated guide

IFS, the new scoring system

IFS, the new scoring system

IFS has updated their scoring system.

The newly released brochure explains the new policy that applies to IFS Food version 8 and HPC version 3.
The system will also be adopted in future versions of the IFS standards.

The IFS scoring system is unique in that it provides the audited company with differentiated feedback on its performance and indicates where it can improve.
The main objective of the IFS is to drive continuous improvement regarding safe, legal and compliant products and services at the audited companies.

Working with IFS leads to greater efficiency, safer products and processes and fewer recalls. It also contributes to the company being regarded as a reliable business partner providing safe products according to customers' specifications

Download the updated guide "The IFS Scoring System - Guide for Continuous Improvement".

Version 2.1 of this booklet explains the system in more detail.

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