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IFS Packaging Guidelines

Published the new free guideline for the implementation of the IFS Food requirements

IFS Packaging Guidelines

IFS Packaging Guidelines

IFS has published the new version of the " IFS Packaging Guideline " which provides support in implementing the requirements of the IFS Food Standard.

The guideline is primarily aimed at food suppliers and contributes to better cooperation within the supply chain to deliver safe products. It also helps define responsibilities in different areas.

This second updated version of the guideline takes a practical approach and contains important insights:

  • Explanation of supply chain communication and the responsibilities of the parties involved
  • An overview and update on EU legislation and general definitions
  • Explanations of related IFS requirements and questions reviewers might ask
  • A step-by-step guide to the food manufacturer's compliance work
  • New aspects of sustainability following the "Green Deal" of the European Union
  • An example of an updated detailed checklist for assessing the declaration of conformity
The IFS Packaging Guideline is a supporting document with the aim of improving communication and cooperation between IFS certified companies and their packaging suppliers.

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