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Molini Pivetti, flours for every need for five generations

Point of reference for five generations. Quality and avant-garde, the art of Molini Pivetti. The Gran Riserva line is certified by CSQA Certifications.

Molini Pivetti, flours for every need for five generations

Molini Pivetti, flours for every need for five generations

Molini Pivetti is a historic company from Cento having been founded in 1875, the year in which Valente Pivetti built the first mill to produce soft wheat flour and durum wheat semolina. After 148 years, in the fifth family generation, the mill is still the soul of the group , a symbol of solidity and commitment in safeguarding and reinterpreting a tradition that changes and renews itself over time.

The constant search for the highest quality and the introduction of cutting-edge technologies have allowed Molini Pivetti to become an absolute point of reference in the milling art.

With industrial headquarters in Renazzo, it currently has around seventy employees. In addition to fully covering the Italian market, Molini Pivetti exports to Europe, North America, the Middle and Far East under the Campi Protetti Pivetti brand . The idea was born many years ago, in the early 1980s, when Molini Pivetti decided to involve its expert agronomists in a difficult but not impossible challenge: researching, identifying and selecting only the best cultivation fields, far from any source of pollution, in the triangle made up of the provinces of Modena, Bologna and Ferrara, known for being particularly suited to the production of very high quality soft wheat. Sharing the objective of safeguarding the environment and at the same time giving more value to the territory, Molini Pivetti has created over the years a path in collaboration with local farmers , aimed at certifying the quality and origin of the flours produced in these areas it is no coincidence that they are defined as exclusive.

The Pivetti line of 100% Emilian flours is Gran Riserva - guaranteed and distinguished by the certification of the international CSQA body - attested by the Campi Protetti Pivetti brand, which indicates respect for a production chain linked to the place of origin and based on the signing of a rigid disciplinary (developed by Molini Pivetti) oriented towards maximum environmental, social and economic sustainability.


Source: La Nuova Ferrara

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