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Nocciola di Giffoni IGP, new control system to protect the authentic product

72nd Geographical Indication controlled by CSQA which confirms the vocation to support local quality supply chains

Nocciola di Giffoni IGP, new control system to protect the authentic product

Nocciola di Giffoni IGP, new control system to protect the authentic product

The approval of the control plan of the IGP Nocciola di Giffoni by the Central Inspectorate for the Protection of Quality and Fraud Repression of agri-food products (ICQRF) of the Mipaaf has been published, as a new step in the development process of the Campania denomination.

The task of control and certification, under the supervision of the Mipaaf, is entrusted to CSQA which consolidates the support action for the development of Italian quality systems in the territories, in particular of the Geographical Indication supply chains, thanks to the seventy-second controlled PDO PGI .

A fruit and vegetable product of excellence in its own right in the quality chains of Campania , a region that boasts 56 PDO PGI products , of which 27 agri-food and 29 wine, capable of generating an economic value of 820 million euros . In first place in terms of number of regional products are fruit and vegetables with 15 Geographical Indication products for a value of almost 25 million euros (Ismea-Qualivita 2022 Report Data).

The Giffoni PGI hazelnut, famous throughout the world for its flavour, sweetness and aroma, is the 2nd Italian Geographical Indication hazelnut, thanks to 432 tons of certified product capable of generating a production value of 3.02 million euros , the result of the work of 190 operators . An excellence particularly appreciated for industrial processing because it resists well to roasting, sizing and peeling, giving life to finished and semi-finished products of the highest quality (Source Consorzio di Tutela Nocciola di Giffoni IGP).

Among the most relevant elements of the new control plan - which will be applied to agricultural producers, collection centers for agricultural producers, intermediaries, processors and packagers - the annual verification which provides for inspections in the cultivated fields for the production of the Giffoni IGP hazelnut, as well as on the processing plants by shelling, roasting and peeling the fruits destined for final packaging.

To protect and enhance the excellence of Salerno, the Consortium for the Protection of Giffoni PGI Hazelnuts has been present since 2010 and in the coming months will also be involved in monitoring compliance with the supply chain pact which guarantees farms a fair compensation for the field activities carried out to improve quality.

"The choice of CSQA - says Gerardo Alfani, Consortium for the Protection of IGP Hazelnuts of Giffoni - leading certification body in Italy in the field of Geographical Indications - is dictated by the desire to make the processes of control and protection of the Giffoni Hazelnut increasingly effective and timely".

“The choice of CSQA as the control body for the Giffoni IGP hazelnut” - underlined Pietro Bonato, General Manager and CEO of CSQA - “is the result of an important work on the front of the definition of the control plan to support and enhance this extraordinary nut from Campania. We are proud of the trust in our company as a guarantee of products with designation of origin" .

The IGP Nocciola di Giffoni confirms the value of the portfolio of DOP IGP products certified by CSQA , which today reaches 72 Geographical Indications : a number that underlines the desire to be a support for the growth of quality agri-food chains, a symbol of Made in Italy and the vocation of the territories .


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