Home Corporate Communication Press Review Vecchie Terre di Montefili obtains the Diversity Ark certification

Vecchie Terre di Montefili obtains the Diversity Ark certification

The Diversity Ark certification obtained by CSQA was motivated by the desire to recognize and enhance the ethical and sustainable work that the company has been carrying out for years.

Vecchie Terre di Montefili obtains the Diversity Ark certification

Vecchie Terre di Montefili obtains the Diversity Ark certification

Serena Gusmeri , oenologist and agronomist from Vecchie Terre di Montefili, describes the path undertaken thus: “ Diversity Ark was the response to the desire to certify a work undertaken for years where research, technical skills and ethics came together.

The profound knowledge of our vineyards, of their state of health based on scientific data and constant checks , has allowed us to improve and strengthen the microcosm that lives within them, thus enhancing the biodiversity made up of insects and plants .

The Diversity Ark certification thus represents a revolution in the agricultural sector, promoting not only greater biodiversity, but also making the bureaucratic processes linked to certifications more efficient and less burdensome. This facilitates wider adoption of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, significantly contributing to improving agricultural sustainability in Europe. The certification is registered with EUIPO and certified at European level by the CSQA body.

The consistency of this path has demonstrated how fundamental it is, in such challenging times, to maintain a correct agro-ecological balance for the health of the vines, strengthening their ability to adapt to different environmental stresses. This choice fits perfectly into our company philosophy, which for years has been dedicated to ethical and sustainable viticulture that protects not only the vineyards but also the area in which we are located .”

At the heart of the certification is respect for the biodiversity of the soil and the environment, pursued through a holistic approach to agriculture . This includes monitoring the state of well-being of the soil, certifying the faunal and floristic biodiversity of the plot, and soil sampling. The ban on the use of herbicides and pesticides harmful to human health, and the verification of the absence of plastics in the soil, are also fundamental.

Designed by agronomists Stefano Amadeo and Stefano Zaninotti, the certification introduces a model of sustainable agriculture that aims at integral protection of biodiversity and the prevention of alteration of ecosystems. “ Our vision focuses on long-term soil health and responsible production. Seeing these nine companies embrace and implement our principles is a source of great satisfaction and pride ", commented Amadeo and Zaninotti .


Source: vinievino.it

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