Revolving pledge

Revolving pledge


CSQA offers the inspection service, in the field and remotely , aimed at accessing the revolving pledge on the basis of codified procedures with the banks with which CSQA has entered into strategic agreements.

Technically, the "revolving pledge" allows you to convert the product in stock into guarantees useful for obtaining new credit lines.
In this way, companies can disinvest their agri-food assets, which will only become marketable after years.

The CSQA inspection meets the needs of companies in the agri-food sector to access the revolving pledge , and at the same time of banks to have a guarantee with respect to the quantity of product pledged, its industrial and market value, its constant and punctual identification.

CSQA , thanks to the know-how and experience acquired and the agreement with leading Italian banking institutions, in fact provides the Inspection Report relating to the quantity of product involved, its identification, the definition of the industrial cost of production and the definition of the average selling price for access to the Revolving Pledge.

The service is aimed at companies recognized for the purposes of PDO / PGI productions.


The decree of 23 July 2020 concerning the constitution of the revolving pledge on agricultural and food products with protected designation of origin (PDO) and protected geographical indication (PGI) was published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic of 29 August 2020.

In particular, it identifies PDO and PGI agricultural and food products, including wine products and alcoholic beverages , as new assets to be pledged by means of annotation in special registers.


This form of guarantee allows the company to maintain the availability of the pledged asset and to continue to use it in the production process and in the various stages of transformation of the product.

The revolving pledge strengthens the access to credit of numerous strategic companies in the agricultural sector (primarily producers), allowing them to valorise the considerable fixed capital destined to remain deposited in warehouses for a long time before placing these assets on the market.

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