In February 2020, the MIPAAF recognized the "Sustainable aquaculture" National Quality System.

The Disciplinary annexed to the Recognition Decree has the objective "to qualify aquaculture, improving the products from the point of view of quality and the production process from the point of view of sustainability and the well-being of the farmed organisms ."

Worldwide, the consumption of fish products has a significant growth rate and with 60% of the planet's fish stocks already exploited to maximum sustainable capacity, aquaculture represents the only real alternative to the impoverishment of our seas.

Choosing to buy fish and shellfish from aquaculture represents an act of responsible consumption , for the economic and social aspects, but above all for the environmental repercussions.

In Italy, aquaculture stands out above all for the diversification and quality of the farmed product.
Attention to animal health and welfare, environmental sustainability and product quality and safety for the consumer are the cornerstones of the Italian aquaculture production system.



From a technical point of view, the Disciplinary provides for the adoption of good practices for the farming of both fish and shellfish, furthermore requirements relating to the theme of sustainability are applicable, declined in the three fundamental meanings (pillars):
  • environmental,
  • social
  • economic


  • Enhancement of the products of the companies involved in the supply chain, potentially expanding the market outlets
  • Identification of certified products through the "Sustainable Aquaculture" logo
  • Possibility of communication of the certification also on processed fish products
  • Improvement of corporate reputation in the field of sustainability

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