The "ARTIGELATO - Guaranteed Traditional Artisan Gelato" standard is a private standard.

Cna Alimentare and Confartigianato Gelatieri , working in synergy, developed this project in 2010 which aims to enhance artisan ice cream , produced with the exclusion of industrial premixes, favoring fresh and selected ingredients , without however penalizing the creativity of the ice cream maker.

CSQA was chosen by CNA and Confartigianato as the certification body for the ice cream parlors participating in the project.


The Disciplinary defines which ingredients can be used , dividing them into:
  1. Characterizing (constitutive) ingredients Artigelato.gif
  2. Qualifying ingredients
  3. complementary ingredients (other ingredients)

The specification also defines:
  • the requirements of the production process , which must respect a precise chronological sequence
  • the methods of labeling the product
  • the methods of communication of the certified requirements to the consumer


The certification allows you to use the "ARTIGELATO" logo displayed:
  • inside the ice cream shop
  • as a window sticker
  • on the tag it marks the taste of the individual
  • alternatively, if the ice cream is prepackaged by the ice cream parlor and sold through other channels, the "ARTIGELATO" logo can be used directly on the package

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