Authenticity Trace

Authenticity Trace


Authenticity Trace is a Blockchain-based system that allows you to notarize / certify significant data to also respond to specific B2B or B2C communication objectives.

Authenticity trace can be based on Easy Trace or on the customer's digital traceability system.

Through Authenticity trace it is possible not only to notarize traceability data but also qualitative / quantitative information of the customer linked primarily to the value elements object of communication.


CSQA, through its Blockchain solution, offers customers the possibility of transferring and sharing relevant information with the various players involved in the reference supply chain, up to the consumer, in a secure and verified way.

The service allows information and/or documents produced by the digital platform CSQA or by the customer to be entered on the Blockchain.
Documents thus certified are recorded with an unalterable timestamp .
At any time it is possible to check that a particular document has been certified on the Blockchain and has remained unchanged.

From a technical point of view , the service provides for the sending of documents to the server through certified APIs.
The server creates a cryptographic proof of the documents and registers it on the blockchain, in the form of a token which is sent to the CSQA wallet.
A certificate is issued for each document, the purpose of which is to be able to verify its authenticity at any time.
Certificates, cryptographic proof and documents are kept on the CSQA platform.

The consumer or any authorized stakeholder will be able to verify the consistency of the information by accessing the platform itself and querying the system.


CSQA's modular approach allows customers to choose up to which point to deepen the control of their reference supply chain, guaranteeing at all times the consistency of the traced data and their eventual inalterability.

Below are some examples of relevant topics for which the adoption of these services brings a particular benefit.


Information such as origin and provenance of raw materials, harvest date, transport conditions and storage temperatures, qualitative characteristics of the finished product, thanks to end-to-end traceability can be managed in real time, promoting the efficiency of the supply chains and correct communication to the interested parties.


The use of Blockchain technology combined with digital traceability and an Assurance activity conducted by a third party
qualified as a CSQA, it allows for greater surveillance of the various players in the supply chain, while promoting accountability of the subjects involved and a potential reduction in the incidence of food fraud. All this also benefits the final consumer and corporate reputation.


The agri-food sector has always been a pioneer on issues related to sustainability.
Today, thanks to these services, farmers, producers and other players in the supply chain can automatically digitize and share
easily endorsements, certificates and other documents, demonstrating that they use and promote sustainable and ethical practices. By tracing each phase of the food chain and sharing data and documents on a verified immutable register, the participants in the ecosystem can guarantee their promise at all times, declared to the final consumer. The strategic projects for the valorisation of the products or of the various initiatives promoted by the organizations find greater authority according to the levels of control and third-party Assurance applied.
The ultimate goal that CSQA proposes through these services is to bring the consumer ever closer to complex issues such as those relating to the values underlying the concept of sustainability, through a verified, certified and at the same time understandable story because it is written in a non-technical language.


The Ministerial Decree of 23 July 2020 extends the measure of the revolving pledge to all PDO and PGI products, including wines and spirits . To access the credit, the compilation of a register is required. The use of an unalterable digital register for the certification, tracking and management of stocks, together with the automatic and/or personal verification by CSQA, can facilitate the granting of loans by credit institutions.


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