The BRCGS Plant-Based standard was born in January 2020 to help companies in the agri-food sector to enhance their products obtained without the use of ingredients and substances of animal origin .

The standard was developed in response to an increase in consumer demand for plant-based products . According to BRCGS estimates, globally this demand is set to increase by 13.82% (with an estimated $80.43 billion) for the period between 2019 and 2024.

Companies in the agri-food sector will have to respond to customer requests, increasing and differentiating their production aimed at satisfying these needs.

The BRCGS Plant-Based Standard provides guidance to implement an appropriate risk management system and framework for manufacturers to support the production of Plant-Based foods.

It includes the requirements, the protocol for the Audits and describes the process to obtain the certification according to this standard.


The standard applies only to the control of ingredients and substances of animal origin in the manufacturing, transformation and packaging process of:
  • Processed foods , both own brand and customer brand;
  • Ingredients intended for food service, catering and food companies;
  • Pet food (GFSI referral schemes only);
  • Natural health products .


  • Identification of the most common substances of animal origin;
  • Promotion of management practices to prevent risks, recognize them and manage them when necessary;
  • Support to commercial expansion in the Plant-Based sector;
  • Fidelity of consumers attentive to the plant origin and sustainability of food products;
  • Clear identification of certified products through the BRCGS “Informed Plant-Based” mark .

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