Voluntary product certification is a formal act with which CSQA (accredited third party body) states, with reasonable reliability, that the product complies with what is declared in a technical reference document.

The choice, by the company, of the certifiable product requirements is based on the desire to inform the consumer and the GDO of some particular and significant characteristics that differentiate the product from others in the same category.

In fact, product certification arises from the need of modern marketing to position, enhance and differentiate the agri-food product .

CSQA was the first Italian body to be accredited by Accredia for the voluntary certification of agri-food products.

To date it is accredited for various Product Technical Disciplinaries - DTP -.


To apply for certification , 4 elements are essential:
  • the Organization (a single company or several companies variously associated or connected) which prepares the Company Regulations
  • the product to be submitted for certification, with its verifiable and/or measurable characteristics ;
  • the independent and competent Certification Body (OdC) in the sector, such as CSQA
  • the regulatory document , which can be a reference standard, or a public document prepared by the Certification Body or filed with it (identified by the abbreviation DTP )


  • enhancement of product characteristics
  • communication of the certification directly on the product (using the conformity mark with the CSQA logo)
  • the promotion of the corporate image
  • the possible synergies , in the case of joint verifications, with the certification of management systems , as in the product certification those aspects of the company production system that significantly influence the finished product are also verified

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