The Hygienic Design Certification scheme for machines/equipment for the food industries (called "Hygienic Design" for simplicity) aims to produce machines that are easy to clean in order to simplify cleaning operations and therefore reduce the time required for this activity.

It is essentially a product certification , where the product in this case turns out to be the machine used in the preparation, conditioning and conservation of food products.


CSQA certifies the design and construction characteristics of the machine, in relation to its possibility of being easily cleaned, sanitized and inspected to prevent , eliminate or reduce health and hygiene risks .

There are many reference standards :
  • UNI EN 1672-2
  • EN 1974
  • UNI EN 1678
  • UNI EN 12505
  • UNI EN 12041
  • UNI EN 12852
  • UNI EN 13289
  • UNI EN 13379
  • UNI EN 13390


  • demonstrates greater attention to the needs of the direct customer (the food industry), who will then have to manage the machine and therefore will be engaged on a daily basis in maintaining and improving the hygienic quality of food
  • aims at improving the product (machine) not only from a design point of view (mechanical, safety, maintenance, etc.), but also from a hygienic point of view
  • ensures a further reduction of risks of a hygienic nature for the food consumer

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