The Controlled Supply Chain certification belongs to the family of voluntary product certifications .

This certification is based on 2 key concepts:
  • production chain
  • traceability

The Controlled Supply Chain certification, according to DTP 035 , certifies that, with reasonable reliability, the traceability of the product is guaranteed and documented throughout the supply chain and that the hygienic-sanitary requirements are managed in all phases, according to the HACCP criteria.


For certification purposes it is essential that:

  • the Organizations of the supply chain are related to each other by contractual constraints (for sharing common objectives) and coordinated by the Organization that requests the certification and assumes responsibility for the conformity of the product with respect to the reference standard
  • The Organization prepares a document (the Technical Regulations ) shared by all the subjects of the supply chain . The Disciplinary must contain :
      • the description of the supply chain itself
      • the indication of the contractual agreements between the parties
      • the specific responsibilities
      • the methods for managing and verifying the traceability system and the aspects of hygiene and safety


  • The certification represents a further guarantee for the buyer because the food product he buys is the result of a process managed and controlled right from the origin and along the entire supply chain
  • batch management makes it possible to identify at any time the material flows and the activities that have contributed to the production of the finished product
  • the easy management of a possible recall of the product in emergency situations, allows to identify and isolate the responsible ring, avoiding that suspicion spreads to all the subjects involved in obtaining the product
  • the improvement of relations between suppliers and intermediaries , who share the principles of the supply chain
  • communication of the certification directly on the product (using the conformity mark with the CSQA logo)
  • the promotion of the corporate image
  • the possible synergies , in the case of joint audits, with the certification of management systems

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