DTP 119 "Controlled bovine supply chain" is a standard owned by CSQA.

It arises from the need for organizations operating in a bovine supply chain to certify a supply chain self-control system (HACCP) and use it as a useful tool to ensure transparency and hygienic-sanitary safety criteria of beef and its derivatives towards its customers.

It therefore responds to the safety and health needs expressed by the consumer and is in accordance with the European policy on food safety (traceability, supply chain - from field to table - labelling).

Furthermore, similarly to other European standards, this voluntary certification standard, which is aimed above all at distribution chains , has the purpose of ensuring uniformity of approach in the evaluation of its suppliers.

The self-control activity is applied along the entire supply chain starting from the feed mill.


The DTP 119 defines the principles and specifies the requirements for the implementation of a system of self-monitoring of the beef chain , in order to   guarantee and document traceability throughout all processing phases. They are defined:
  • the relevant points, the management and control methods for each point and the corresponding recording methods
  • the minimum skills of the personnel involved in activities that are relevant for the purposes of traceability and hygienic-sanitary safety of the supply chain product
  • a system for verifying the effectiveness and efficiency of the control plan itself
  • a verification system that includes both inspection verification activities and tests on the product in relation to its hygienic-sanitary characteristics


The value of this standard consists in defining the methods for implementing a self-control system ( HACCP ) along the entire beef production chain (and not only at each individual in the chain) as if it were a single enlarged company.

Finally, it represents an effective communication tool towards the consumer, meeting his safety and health needs.

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