GMP+ is a certification scheme relating to the production, transport and marketing of feed .

The Dutch Animal Feed Board (PDV ) has developed a code of conduct to meet the expectations of consumers, food producers and retailers.

GMP+ requirements require the correct use of additives and products for veterinary medicine .

In addition, they require the control of levels of undesirable substances and products such as heavy metals, pesticides and aflatoxins .

Finally, it is required to take adequate measures to prevent Salmonella contamination of animals through feed.


The main features of the GMP+ regulations are:
  • requirements relating to the company's internal quality system (based on ISO 9001)
  • application of the HACCP methodology to ensure safety
  • generic measures and requirements for the production process, including traceability and product recall
  • compliance with mandatory and voluntary standards


GMP+ certification gives evidence and guarantee that animal feed and feed ingredients meet the legal requirements and agreements made with other players in the supply chain.
It therefore testifies to the company's commitment to food safety , as the feed industry, including ingredient suppliers, is an integral part of the food chain and is responsible for product safety.
GMP+ certification has many advantages :
  • communicate trust to customers , demonstrating with a third party certification that the feed or feed ingredients are produced with safe processes
  • demonstrate that all reasonable precautions have been taken
  • reduce the number of verifications conducted by customers and, consequently, reduce management times
  • reduce waste and product recalls

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