Rainforest Alliance 2020   stands for sustainable agriculture and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet.
It aims to grow a more sustainable world by using market forces and social forces to protect nature and improve the lives of farmers and communities.

RA2020 teaches farmers the adoption of good working practices, sets rules that lead to an improvement in working conditions, children's education and environmental protection. Farmers grow better products, generate more income and create better opportunities while preserving the environment and protecting the earth's natural resources.

Rainforest Alliance 2020 creates a fully certified supply chain that starts from primary production and ends with retailers.

Each processing company enters the supply chain and is part of the supply chain that will lead to having a finished product for the final consumer certified Rainforest Alliance 2020.


CSQA can certify the subjects of the Supply Chain – Rainforest Alliance 2020 for coffee, cocoa, tea, nuts, herbs and spices, fruit.


The requirements of the 2020 standard for the supply chain are divided into several chapters:

  • Business system management
  • Traceability
  • Income and shared responsibility
  • Social aspects
  • Environment

The most important impact at the company level relates to the management of the traceability of the certified raw material/semi-finished product, based on the level chosen (Mass Balance, Segregation or Identity preserved).

From 1 July 2021 it is possible to request to enter the RA2020 world for all players in the supply chain, by registering on the new RACP (Rainforest Alliance Certification Protocol) portal.


This new standard is not limited to mere product traceability, but extends the control of sustainable practices from the agricultural side to the entire supply chain.
Compared to the previous UTZ standard, today RA2020 is a standard that in its own right becomes a norm that makes it possible to advertise the sustainability of the company, starting from the farm, up to the last operator who processes the product.

The increasing sensitivity of consumers to the environment, human rights, global warming and immigration means a choice of certified products that have a clear and quantifiable impact on safeguarding our planet.
Generating a virtuous circle is the only way to bring long-term results.

The main advantages of this certification are:

  • secure supply : Certification as part of a sustainability program involves people at all stages of the supply chain. Together they invest - directly or indirectly - in agricultural practices that generate a better product, helping to ensure good quality and reliable supply at competitive prices

  • Communicate your commitment to sustainability : Working with the Rainforest Alliance provides independent assurance on the company's sustainable manufacturing strategy. With Rainforest Alliance, sustainable products can be traced throughout the supply chain, so you can easily assure customers that certified products are linked to certified sources and allowing you to indicate this in products

  • Increase operational efficiency and traceability: Chain of custody encourages increased operational efficiency. Traceability is one of the foundations upon which Rainforest Alliance certification is built. All certified members, from the producer to the last purchaser, register their sales and processing activities of certified pure products in the Rainforest Alliance traceability system

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