The DTP 108 represents a standard owned by CSQA which defines the necessary requirements for the "Gluten Free" certification.

The Disciplinary applies to any type of food product with a gluten content of less than 10 ppm (10 mg/kg), less than the current legal limit of 20 ppm (EC Regulation No. 41/2009), thus representing an additional guarantee for celiac consumers.

It represents an objective tool that can be used by companies to demonstrate due diligence in managing the "Gluten Free" claim.
In fact , it allows the use of the trademark on the label and is applied to products and catering businesses .


The applicant/licensee company must:
  • have a management system for the Gluten Free requirement
  • carry out a risk analysis that considers:
    • the presence of gluten in raw materials
    • the danger of contamination during all stages of production
    • the management of the non-compliant product
    • the execution of analytical tests of control
    • staff training

Specifically, the requirements set out in the specification concern:
  • permissions, structure and location of the site
  • risk analysis (in particular presence and cross-contamination of gluten)
  • production structure: general conditions and specific conditions (measures relating to cross-contamination from the environment, from personnel, from production with gluten)
  • product control: general aspects and specific aspects (production schedule, raw material evaluation, sampling plan)
  • identification of products, raw materials and semi-finished products and traceability system
  • management of non-compliant product and crisis situations
  • management system: training (current and new staff)
  • audit (conformity verified annually)

In addition, the applicant company must carry out a " supplier qualification " with:
  • gluten awareness
  • labeling verification
  • the possibility of audits
  • measures to be taken according to the type of raw material (gluten-free, at risk, new raw material/supplier)


The “Gluten Free” certification can be used for:
  • objectively support the GLUTEN FREE claim ,
  • demonstrate due diligence ,
  • offer guarantees to the commercial customer
  • communicate directly to the consumer that the "gluten-free" claim is supported and verified by checks carried out by a third party
  • provide a guarantee to the celiac consumer

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