Canada Organic Regime (COR) certifies organic food products for the Canadian market and allows for both export and marketing.

To export organic food products to Canada, operators can do so on the basis of the CE 834/07 certification.

Since July 2011, thanks to the equivalence agreement between the EC regulation 834/07 and the COR regulation, the products certified according to the EC regulation 834/07 can be exported to Canada without the need for further certifications. The logo of the COR regulation can be inserted on the label. cor.jpg

On April 7, 2016, the updated agreement between Canada and the EU came into force.
“The Government of Canada and the European Commission are pleased to announce the extension of the EU-Canada Organic Equivalence Agreement which enters into force today. After 5 years from the implementation of the equivalence agreement between the EU and Canada (EUCOEA), an agreement has been found to extend the scope of products that can be marketed according to mutual recognition. Organic wine had not been included in the scope of the EUCOEA agreement. The update will allow organic wine certified under the European or Canadian regulation to be sold and labeled as organic in both markets.”

The updated equivalence agreement between the EU and Canada allows agricultural products, including wine, which are produced and processed in the European Union and which are certified under Regulation 834/07 to be sold and labeled as organic in Canada, including the use of Canadian and European logos.

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