ISO 21401

ISO 21401


The UNI ISO 21401 standard - Tourism and related services - Management system for sustainability in accommodation facilities - represents the international reference standard for the enhancement of good sustainability practices in the tourism sector.

The tourism sector is proving to be increasingly sensitive and mature in undertaking paths to improve the impacts on the environment, society and local economies.

The application of this rule is consistent with international policies aimed at achieving the SDGs envisaged by the 2030 Agenda.


The standard can be used by all types of accommodation facilities, such as hotels, farmhouses, hostels, campsites, tourist villages, etc... and provides for the implementation of a sustainability management system, in its three environmental, social and economic dimensions.

The standard, which adopts an HLS structure , can be integrated with other management systems and aims at the continuous improvement of the management system and the impacts of the accommodation business.

The three annexes to the standard are very interesting and mandatory, one for each pillar of sustainability, which indicate the minimum requirements that a structure must possess or in any case take into consideration in order to comply with the standard.


The adoption and certification of the ISO 21401 standard makes it possible to demonstrate to all stakeholders (customers, workers, suppliers, public authorities, etc…) the organization's commitment to measuring and improving its commitment with respect to sustainability issues.

In particular, this commitment translates into a concrete commitment to:
  • environmental protection, energy and water efficiency, waste management
  • Protection of workers and respect for human rights in general
  • Promotion of local economies

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