The Vending service certification is a Standard (DTS 013) wanted by Confida   (Italian Vending Association), specific for Vending.

The TQS Vending is reserved for companies that carry out automatic distribution of drinks and food (both registered with Confida and those not registered with differentiated tariffs), which adopt and respect TQS-vending.gif meet the requirements indicated in the specification and pass the certification process entrusted exclusively to CSQA.

Interested companies must make a request to Confida which then appoints CSQA for the verification activities.


The Disciplinary provides for 7 service standards and some regulatory prerequisites:
  1. attention to the needs and expectations of customers and constant commitment to improvement
  2. professionalism and fairness of staff and customer service
  3. reliability and regularity of the service
  4. timely technical assistance
  5. guarantee of cleanliness and hygiene of vending machines
  6. ease of use of traditional vending machines
  7. efficiency of payment systems

The regulatory prerequisites concern:
  • the Company Hygiene Self-Control Manual
  • HACCP controls
  • the risk assessment document
  • the authorizations required by law
  • compliance with labeling regulations

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